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Desktop Adsense Site BuilderHave you tried creating a website once or maybe even more than once only to discover that it takes hours of your valuable time to get it online?

Did you follow the “systems” out there to a “T” and still not achieved any of the results that you were promised?

Would you like a way to create niche sites that doesn’t involve spending hours and hours before you actually make some money?

If so, this new software is so simple to operate that a child can run it!

From: Anders Eriksson
Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

The reason that you are here is because you want to learn how to finally create a website that not only looks good — but also attracts website traffic.

We both know that the first step is to create a site with good content that gets people interested enough to visit your site and stay for a while; A niche content site.

There are so many courses out there that promise to teach you how to create a content site and generate traffic but the truth is, most of them fail to deliver.

And that’s not just build up, most of them really does NOT work and the ones that do work usually require that you invest a ridiculous amount of money up front or even hire people, unless you are already experienced in “multiple” complicated software programs to build these websites.

Pretty daunting when you think about, isn’t it?

But the truth is, this has all changed due to this brand new software…

The Desktop Adsense Site Builder…

Let’s face it, you can’t make any money with Adsense if you don’t have quality niche sites to grab search engine traffic with. If your sites suck, no one will visit, the search engines won’t index you and no one will click on your ads which means — no income!

It can be intimidating when you think about putting together a content rich site. You look at the big web 2.0 sites that obviously have teams of writers, editors and contributors to add hundreds of new pages of content every day.

Then you have the guys who pump out hundreds of trash sites every month and have to keep doing that every month because the search engines discover their trash sites and quickly deindex them.

Yes – it’s pretty easy to get confused and lost in all the hype of making Adsense profitable.

Your New Desktop Adsense Site Builder App Will Replace A Dozen Software Programs, 5 Web Designers And A Full Time Content Collection Specialist…

Desktop Adsense Site Builder takes out all of the tedious work involved in creating Adsense sites. And it REALLY does all of the tasks — every other software out there that assists you with building Adsense Niche Sites only does part of the task!

You will NOT find many programs out there, that not only that does everything that the Desktop Adsense Site Builder does, but also fit your budget!

Here are just some of the tasks that Desktop Adsense Site Builder will do for You:

Simple & Sleek To Use – This isn’t some complicated software that takes weeks orStep #1 - Enter Your Site's Data months to learn. You’ll be building your first site just minutes after opening it!

Full Control Of Your Sites
– You simply input your affiliate data (Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank), and edit the templates for author, contact us, and privacy policy (built into the software), and it will create all of your pages, with all of your customizations included!

You Pick A Topic And You Get Matching Graphics And Articles – Desktop Adsense Site Builder will automatically go online and download fresh, pre-built sites on all the topics you choose! The topics to choose from have been thoroughly researched to make sure they attract search engine traffic.Step #2 - Enter Your Affiliate Data

Super Fast Site Builder – After you have all the graphics and content you need, the super fast site builder portion of the program will put it all together and design a smoking hot website for you in just seconds. Even if it’s hundreds of pages!

Turbo Speed Functionality – This Desktop Application works at lightning speed. You want to spend as little time as possible creating your Adsense Niche Sites and the Desktop Adsense Site Builder does exactly that for you.

Stable, Top Secret Performance – Not only do the other Adsense software’sStep #3 - Select The Desired Niches
out there not include all of the tools you need, but they also require you install them on your site which can be complicated and allow other people to know what you’re using for your sites!

Desktop Adsense Site Builder runs transparently on your desktop with no chance of anyone knowing what you’re creating these quality niche sites with. You also don’t have to worry about any complicated script installations!

Tell me – could I’ve made it any easier for you?

No way! There has never been a more complete solution for creating Adsense Niche SsitesStep #4 - Build Your Site released.

I actually never planned on releasing this amazing software.

I’ve been using it myself for months and shared it with a few of my close friends who said that it would be an amazing help to those creating Adsense Niche Sites.

They are definitely right, I had this thing specially created to automate the whole Adsense site creation process so it would be much easier and faster for me.

You can have an Adsense site up and running tonight quickly with Desktop Adsense Site Builder!

..And The Sites Are Web 2.0 Enabled…

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have certainly heard the term Web 2.0.

There are hundreds of sites that open up something called the “social factor” that allow real visitors to see your site and judge it.

This can be by book marking it socially, blogging about it socially, posting it on a social networking site, etc. These are all Web 2.0 sites and services.

These sites have quickly become the standard in judging, rating and sharing information and websites on the Internet.

And just to clarify, when I said “super tech”, I didn’t mean it was complicated. It’s actually super easy and all the “complicated” stuff happens behind the scenes so you
don’t have to worry about it!

The search engines have also taken heed to the Web 2.0 and Social rush and are actually increasing the rankings of sites that are bookmarked, blogged and talked about on social networks.

This is because search engines like Google know that Web 2.0 and social networking are the way of the future and the way the Internet is headed as a whole.

Let’s “unwrap” this package, so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting today with your Desktop Adsense Site Builder Software…

These niche sites will enable you to easily create complete content sites around particular
niches. Some of them are broader topics, such as “travel” and can be easily adapted for many sub-niches (lik travel insurance, travel maps, norway holiday, etc.). Others are much more specific, like “remote control helicopters”, for a quick and easy way to zoom in on a profitable industry.

I have covered 40 topics in the free version, another 250 in the SILVER level version, and yet another 250 in the GOLD version, to a total of 540 – all available to the GOLD level of course!

Yes – I know that’s a lot, and no – these are not any of the same sites you’ve seen floating around the internet. These sites are all NEW!

Some niche site sellers may advertise hundreds of sites, but their customers are surprised to find that there are only a limited number of topics, with lots of variations for each topic. That means there’s a far smaller chance of getting the topics you care about.

For this release I’ve decided to include 40 topics for free with your download of the Desktop Adsense Site Builder, to give you a real, honest opportunity to test out the software. That means you’ll have plenty to choose from, and there’s a good chance there will be some topics that you are interested in building sites around.

Let’s take a look at the topics covered in the 40 site FREE collection…

Angels, Archery, Armed Forces, Blenders, Car Valeting/Detailing, Dedicated Servers, Dubai, Entrepreneur, Equestrian, Frisbee, Greeting Cards, Halloween, Health Drinks, Hospitality Career, Hybrid Cars, Image Consultant, Locksmiths, Medical Career, Memory Foam Matresses, Military, Monograms, Mountain Biking, New York Vacation, Online Jobs, Paternity, Physiotherapy, Porcelain, Quick Easy Recipes, Retirement Gifts, Seizures, Stomach Exercises, Sunglasses, Swimming, Travel, Traveling Nurse, Urban Wear, Wedding Videography, Video Editing, and Violin!


Again I want to emphasize that these are NOT the same “Adsense Ready Niche Sites” that you’ve seen circulating around the web. I’ve seen some of the other stuff out there, and most of it ain’t pretty! It is obvious that some of those marketers either don’t know a lot about Adsense, or they’re outsourcing to a cheap overseas team that doesn’t know how to properly monetize a site with Adsense or any other revenue source for that matter.

I know what you’re thinking… come on, aren’t you being a bit harsh on the competition? I don’t think so. Most of the sites I’ve seen are poorly optimized for making money. They’re using the wrong ad blocks, or they’ve got them in the wrong places, or they don’t have enough of them. I’ve even seen some so-called “Adsense Ready Sites” that only have one ad block per page!

Let’s take a look at some major differences between other sites and my sites…

Other sites

My sites

X – Poor QualityMany other sites are poor quality. By this, I mean it looks like they were just thrown together. For example, you might find a set of sites where every site has exactly the same header graphic with only the title being different.

***** Well Made

My sites are well made. Thought and effort was put into each individual site, with careful attention being paid to the layout, the header graphics, the color schemes, etc

X – Poorly Optimized

Most sites don’t include more than Adsense, and leave out any other income streams, and if they do it’s often poorly optimized. They’ve got the wrong placement, wrong ad block sizes, wrong colors, etc.

***** Well Optimized

My sites are designed with Adsense AND other income streams in mind, and they’re well optimized. I have used the proper ad blocks and link units. The ads are carefully placed for maximum clicks!

Now – let’s zoom in so I can give you a little closer view of the strategy involved in these sites…


Now You Can Create Content Sites Effortlessly While Using Web 2.0 Ninja Moves To Generate Hundreds Of Visitors EVERY Month!

Earn Authority Site Status Without The Expense Or Headache!

  • Own A Site That Gets More Traffic Than You Could Ever Imagine!
  • Become The Top Ranked Site In Your Market By Google!
  • Get More Traffic For Free Than The “Big Companies” Who Pay!

Are You Ready To Have Your Very Own Niche Authority Site That Gains You Recognition, Net Fame And Best Of All..
..Tons Of Traffic & Cash?

What others are saying…


Hi Anders,

I installed the software this morning and found it to be very easy.

I first uploaded one site which only took about ten minutes, so cool.

Then I went back and created all the site available and uploaded them to my hosting. Took me about the same time, 10 minutes or so, very cool!

Thanks for the great software!

Dave Osmonson…

Too bad I didn’t run across the software earlier…

I had already installed all of the available topics prior to finding this program.

It is much easier to use the program than to edit the config.php files manually.

I also like that it includes the contactus.php, author.php, and privacypolicy.php files at the click of a button.

I’m glad that there is the option to refresh the list of topics for future additions, so it isn’t a worthless download for me.

I had hoped I’d have the option of creating my own topics, but I guess that is what hyperVRE is for.

Thank you for this great tool.

Dear Anders,
What a real surprise and helpful when I am using this adsense site builder!

So easy, incredible software that makes my work and uploading the site become very faster than ever.

I already create the website using this powerful software within half an hour to upload my site and here is my website:

Thanks Anders for this powerful desktop adsense site builder!
I really like it!

Yours sincerely,

Hi mr. Anders!
I have installed your software and everything works O.K.

Real newbie friendly software at last!!!

And… I`ts free !!!

Thank you so wery much and best regards!


Desktop Adsense Site Builder Is The Only All-In-One Solution For Creating This Kind Of Adsense Niche Sites Available Anywhere At Any Price!

What would you pay to have all of your article creation done for you automatically without having to pay another dime for content ever?

How much would it be worth to you if you could then drop those hundreds or thousands
of articles into a system that would pop out hundreds of content rich sites without hiring a single web designer?

What about a piece of software that automatically configures your sites so they are ready
to uppload to your server, virtually eliminating the need for a webmaster?

I’m willing to bet that those features are worth a lot to you and they should be. None of us have the time or money to either create loads of Adsense sites by hand or hire tons of people to create them for us.

Get Desktop Adsense Site Builder today and you’re on your way to Adsense income beyond your wildest dreams!

The Desktop Adsense Site Builder is available for instant download 24 hours a day. If you click the link below now, you will be downloading your software in just a few seconds. Get moving!

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In an attempt to make this free offer even more appealing to you, I’m also going to add the following hot bonus to this download at no charge…

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Inside you’ll discover the most effective, time-tested tactics to consistently get your offers in front of as many prospects as possible:

  • The truth about harnessing the power of social media marketing! (Hint: Most marketers use it for the wrong reasons and then wonder why they get such dismal results!)
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(even if it’s 3:00 in the morning).


Yes Anders!
I Just Have To Have This Incredible Piece of Software!

Count Me In Right Now!

I will choose ONE of the download options below…

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Desktop Adsense Site Builder


Anders Eriksson

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